Oh S.N.A.P.

May 13, 2013
The Great Seal of the State of Maine.

The Great Seal of the State of Maine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s an entitlement, simply put.  While the bureaucratic title is Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (S.N.A.P.), most have come to know the program by its “street” name, food stamps.  Now, Democrats have decided to extend the vernacular term to include the word rubber along with stamp.

Contrary to the popular opinion of the Alfond Democrats, the word “nutritional” is part of the original bureaucratic title.  But since Democrats have already redefined marriage, redefined wealth, redefined transparency, the natural progression it would seem is to redefine nutrition now to include cigarettes, soda pop, and chips and candy bars.  Any attempt by Republicans or the tax paying populace to challenge that definition is deemed to be too embarrassing to those who receive the entitlement.  How dare the vile hard working taxpayers of Maine even insinuate the word nutrition should be associated with an “embarrassing” expectation of healthy?

The Lepage administration put forward a bill to ban the purchase of junk food with food stamps or SNAP.  This bill had across the board bi-partisan support.  Inexplicably, the Speaker of the House Mark Eves ordered the bill to be killed.  This came as a shock to many in Augusta, as most assumed that a seemingly benign and one of the more common sense bills in recent Augusta history would sail through chambers with little opposition.  Ah, but the “Alfond and Eves Circus Revue” has many surprises for the people of Maine in its bag of novelty tricks.

As usual, the Democrats have circled the wagons.  They are now calling the bill “meaningless”.  So, are we to believe that the fact that the Governor and the tax paying people of Maine want an accounting of how their tax dollars are spent is “meaningless”?  And that Maine people expect responsibility from those to whom these tax dollars are given is “embarrassing”?  For this, we the people of Maine are rebuked from the Party that donned clown noses in the face of its constituents as they tried to testify before a public hearing.

Excuse us, Mr. Alfond and Mr. Eves if we are offended and more than a little disgusted by your lack respect for the position that we the tax paying residents of the great and sovereign State of Maine and citizens of the United States of America hold in respect to your office.  We are your superiors and you are not ours.  The people for the people give the authority you have to you and your disdain of the people of Maine is appalling.  If Mr. Eves and Mr. Alfond find accountability to the tax paying public so disconcerting, perhaps they should find gainful employment in some other section of the American enterprise.  Because an honest representation of the people of Maine they are not.

-Andy Torbett

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