Outrage Outage and Rotten Cabbage

August 19, 2013
Lonely Cabbage

Lonely Cabbage (Photo credit: pain_amp1013)



I picked a cabbage out of my garden. There seemed to be some rot on the outer leaves.  The rot seemed minimal and confined to the first layers of the head.  Hoping to have some fresh coleslaw for supper, I peeled back the outer leaves of the cabbage.   To my dismay, worms had invaded this particular cabbage and the more layers I peeled, in hopes of salvaging something to make slaw with, the more the rot and the accompanying stench revealed itself.  There would be no coleslaw that night.

The intrigue that interlaces the White House, wrapping it in the leaves of deceit, is a lot like that rotten head of cabbage.  The President would have us to believe that these scandals are only a superficial blight that can be easily tossed aside to reveal a clean and healthy fruit below.  But as we peel the leaves of deceit aside, the fruit of this present administration is revealed, filled with the rot and stench of conspiracy.

What is most amazing is the apathy in which Americans have viewed these assaults on liberty, privacy and trust.  When the Fast and Furious scandals hit the White House and our own Border Patrol Agents were murdered by guns this administration had given to Mexican drug lords, there was but a murmur of dissent.  When this President and his cabinet sat in a situation room watching brave Navy Seals hold off hordes of terrorists to the death, like it was some video game or Hollywood action film, and doing nothing to aid them, there was some outrage but very little.  We were all still too busy.

Now, we learn that this administration has been using the IRS to target Conservative and Tea Party Groups to silence them.   Once before, a President spied on his political opponents.  That was Richard Nixon.  It was heinous deed.  But never before has President targeted private citizens to silence them as this President has.   Where is the outrage?

We have become the very thing our Founding Fathers prayed and fought for us never to be, a nation governed by tyranny and fear.  No group of United States law-abiding citizens should ever fear attack and persecution from its government.  This is the liberty that so many spilled their precious life’s blood for, yet, by our silence, we spurn it away.  This is an attack on every citizen of the United States and all peoples of every political viewpoint should be enraged by this assault on our fundamental liberties.  As we peel back the layers of this rotting IRS scandal, all should know and understand this goes far beyond the pale of political gamesmanship.  The fruit of Liberty is infested with the worms of corruption.  This is a harrowing attack on the United States of America, its freedoms.  We must all stand, regardless of affiliation, and decry this outrage.  Evil can only flourish if good men are silent. Silence in the face of such evil would be the greatest outrage.



Andy Torbett

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