Pennsylvania Avenue Grinch

December 24, 2013
English: A sand sculpture of the Dr. Seuss cha...

English: A sand sculpture of the Dr. Seuss character The Grinch, in Key West, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Yes, the time of year when the majority of Americans have to start walking on eggshells, watching what they say, hoping they won’t be baited into saying something “hateful” by an conniving interviewer, and generally cowering in the corner, while the minority of Americans publicly lash us for our many yuletide indiscretions and unacceptable beliefs.  It’s this most wonderful time of the year when it becomes glaringly apparent that minority of the “tolerant” find most Americans, our beliefs, our traditions, intolerable.

One celebrity, who has been recently targeted for having an opinion, had a refreshing take on his persecution.  Oblivious to the fact that it is forbidden in the Christmas season of all seasons to hold an opinion or, for shame, a belief, Phil Robertson, when asked his opinion on homosexuality, gave his opinion.  Oh the joys of Xmas, the tolerant few have their gift for Winter Solstice, a traditional Christian American to feed on for sport in the arena of tolerance.

But Phil Robertson, amidst his bludgeoning, has asked Americans not to focus on him and the wolves tearing at his carcass, but our American soldiers who are suffering at the hands of our politicians in Washington D.C.  Yes, it seems the spirit of the grinch has firmly entrenched itself in the halls of the Nation’s capital.  Our soldiers and their families, who have sacrificed so much for this country, are finding themselves, in this season of giving, royally scrooged by their own Commander-and-Grinch and his legislative minions.

Congress has passed a budget deal.  It is historic in the fact that it is the first budget President Obama has had since being elected.  He must be so proud.

Unfortunately, the Democrats could not resist attacking one of their favorite groups to detest, our military.  The budget slashes benefits to the military and disabled veterans. It’s an easy target for Democrats since they have been trained to take orders and obey in silence.

Republicans offered an amendment to protect the military by cutting tax waivers and benefits to illegal aliens instead.  Democrats found that unpalatable and blocked it.  The military traditionally votes Republican and illegal aliens live off tax-funded government handouts, code for Democrat fiscal policy.  Illegal aliens are a huge voting block for Democrats.  The military holds to honor, follows orders, and suffers in silence.  So, military be scrooged!

One final holiday treat.  At the writing of this column, the Wall Street Journal has announced that the President has decided to rescind the individual mandate on ObamaCare.  By what authority is unsure.  But, nevertheless, the President thinks he can.

This columnist is suddenly overtaken with a wave of nostalgia as I remember the Democrat shutdown of the government to protect the individual mandate.  Ah, and who can forget the President ordering the abuse and mistreatment of World War II veterans as they were blocked from viewing their own monument created in honor of them.  But now, with the ObamaCare noose tightening around the Democrats’ necks and elections approaching, it’s time to dispense with the individual mandate.

What’s a government shutdown and a few aged American heroes in its wake of destruction?  They probably wouldn’t make it past the ObamaCare death panels anyway, right?  Wrong!  The Grinch of Dr. Seuss fame may have stole Christmas and then repented, but the Grinch of Pennsylvania Avenue, leader of the Democrats, has stolen honor, decency, and integrity from the Oval Office.  They are unrepentant.  I would highly recommend to the citizens of the United States that we give a gift to the Democrats next fall.  A one way ticket home for a time of solitude and self-reflection.

Andy Torbett

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