Silent No More

March 7, 2013

216290_1032468894489_3771_nI am a mother.   I am a mother of four children and had the joy of being a surrogate for twins.  For the last fifteen years that has been my life, my entire focus.  I take motherhood very seriously.   I created an existence, including how I make a living, that was solely for being there for them.  I have lived in a bubble of pregnancy, nursing, diapering, nurturing, home schooling, and being their biggest cheerleader in all of their sports endeavors.  Now that my youngest is slowly making his assent into tween years I find my bubbled existence changing.   The haze of sleep deprivation and diapering is gone.   With my clarity I find that I don’t like what I see around me.

I realized that I have kept my head down and my voice silent for too long. It is so easy to get engulfed with life to not pay attention to what is truly going on in the world around you. It is a part of the culture we live in now. I often catch myself feeling rushed and never having enough time. Between running my business, home schooling my son, trying to stay on top of what is happening at the high school and elementary school, and running them to all of their activities, it’s hard to find the time to even care. So, letting someone else worry about it becomes our mantra. That is what we pay them to do.  But the realization I had recently is this. If we changed the word “politics” with the words “your life” it probably would become more important to you. Every decision made by Augusta Legislator’s and Washington D.C. has an effect upon our lives. Every tax hike they make, every regulation they pass chips away at our ever eroding liberty.

I find that I cannot remain silent any longer. I cannot sit by and allow them to put my children’s future on a fast tracked train wreck and do nothing. I find that I cannot sit by any longer and listen to the lies that are spewed to us and stay quiet. It is not within me to stay quiet. For those who know me personally, I’ve always been one to speak my thoughts on matters of injustice. What is happening to America is a great injustice.  What has happened to personal responsibility? What happened to working hard to achieve your dreams?  Why are we at a place in America where those whose success and achievement, the fruit of  hard work and sacrifice, are now vilified, attacked, and punished?  Our way of life is being threatened and falling away like a distant memory.

When I say our way of life, I’m talking about freedom. The freedom to choose what to eat and what to buy. The freedom to speak of my faith without censorship, even to simply wish someone Merry Christmas. The freedom to protect myself and my children by owning firearms. The freedom to parent my children as I see fit. The freedom to choose public, private, or home school. The freedom to join a union or the freedom to refuse. Put simply the freedom of choice.

When I was asked to consider writing for Maine Conservative, I immediately thought “I am not qualified.” I have taken my time responding because all major decisions I make need careful prayer. I talked with my husband and he immediately encouraged me to do this. Poor man probably would love for me to have another outlet for my rantings but in all seriousness his love and support I couldn’t do without. My own children encouraged me and told me I should. All those thoughts in my head circled around and then I remembered my role. Mother. What kind of example do I set for my children when opportunity knocks at my door and I don’t take it? What kind of example do I set when all I do is complain about what is happening but do nothing and say nothing? Not a very good one. And then I heard God speak to me “You have a voice, use it.”

So, I am going to give this opportunity my best effort. I am no scholar. I am a wife, mother, self made business woman, and most importantly an American citizen who cares deeply about what is happening around us.  From this point on I’ll be choosing topics on local, state, and federal level.   I will write from my heart and I will do my best to be a voice for freedom and common sense for such a time as this.

By:  Maria Solorzano


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