The Rise of the Ruling Class

October 22, 2013

I was born here on a winter’s day
But many people come from far away
To live in peace and true equality
And feel the strong wind of democracy
I see a vision of the Promised Land
A place where everybody has a chance
To build a home we are proud to know
And give respect to those who made it so

~”American Dream” by Madison Rising

Last night I spent an enjoyable evening with my family at a benefit concert for the Wounded Hero’s Program of Maine.   We listened to a great band called Madison Rising whose sole purpose is to revive the American Spirit.  They sing songs of freedom and sacrifice.  They sing songs to remind us of who we are as Americans.  As their website says they are on a mission to not only make great music, but also send a message that American culture is alive and well.  Madison Rising promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility.  As we listened to the people who were involved with the benefit speak, I thought, with a heart filled with love for my fellow man and all that our Country stands for, ” This….THIS is what America is about!”

America is about people coming together for the common good.  We come from all walks of life, race, and religion.  We come together in unity to support our fellow men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.  We are a generous and giving people.   We come together in love and generosity when personal crises arise, natural disaster strikes, and wars rage.

We are NOT is the narrative coming from Washington and the Elitists in our country that is trying to define us and divide us.  We are NOT domestic terrorists and racists.  We should not be just the low income, middle class, or the filthy rich.  We should not just be Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, or any other segregated class they want to put us in pitting one group against the other.  We are the melting pot of many different races.  WE ARE AMERICANS!   America was founded on principles of freedom.  The freedom to live our lives the way we want.  The freedom to worship, freedom to speak, and freedom to live and make our lives into the dreams that we’ve dreamed.  I have always loved the idea that that in America ANYONE can become who or what they want to become by self-discipline, hard work, and passion.

Sadly, I see that America becoming a thing of the past.  I have been watching these career politicians constantly separate us into classes, pitting one group against another.  We watched much of this during the past presidential election.  President Obama used class warfare as part of his election platform.   Politicians using each class while trying to vie for political attention and support.   Democrats claim they represent the minorities.  Republicans trying to figure out how to get the Hispanic vote.  It’s crazy!  If they would just take a stand for all Americans while promoting freedom, personal responsibility, and fiscal responsibility under the guidance of the Constitution, they would cover ALL AMERICANS.   But instead, by allowing them to shove us in these separated categories pitting us against each other, WE have allowed another class to rise,  The Ruling Class.

We have known for years that those in Washington have been padding their own pockets with taxpayers’ money.   They have been handing themselves generous pay raises, benefits, extravagant trips, and pork barrel projects for a long time now.  They have become the Political Class.  However, with the passing of Obamacare, the Political Class has shown its true colors and morphed into something even worse.  They passed Obamacare WITHOUT reading it.  Once the thousands of pages, many of which have nothing to do with healthcare, were examined by Congress and the American People, President Obama and Congress exempted themselves from it!  By doing so, they have elevated themselves into a full-fledged Ruling Class.  We must do what they legislate or we pay the price… a price they themselves are exempt from.

Another example of this is the Stock Act.   In February of 2013 with great fanfare, President Obama signed a new piece of legislation aimed at curtailing insider trading amongst Congressmen, the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act.   This new law aimed at halting insider trading by members of Congress.  Little do American Citizens know that later while most of us were rivited on  Boston bombing, President Obama stripped some of the anti-corruption provisions within the Act.  He permanently repealed a requirement that senior government officials post details of their finances online which were to give transparency.  Both chambers of Congress quickly and silently approved the repealed legislation by unanimous consent.  They did so just before heading home to their districts, thus making themselves no longer accountable to the American People.

As I look back in history, at America’s beginning, I feel as if we are moving backwards.  No longer does the President and most of Congress represent The People.  No longer do they SERVE us as Public Servants.  They rule over us. I feel as a constituent, that most of Washington is reverting back toward the England of old.  I am now an indentured servant to their “out of control spending”.  They want everything and have no way to pay for it except off of the backs of the hard working American men and women who are just trying to fulfill their own American Dream.  If we speak up or speak out they call us names and “classify” us as home grown terrorist such as Janet Napolitano did to returning vets, those who oppose abortion, those who oppose illegal immigration, and those who are for preserving our 2nd Amendment rights.


Since when did standing for the Constitution make us terrorist?  Since when do ideals like balanced budgets, living within our means, and not wanting to support a bloated out of control government become a radical idea?  That folks should be the norm.  Do you know who finds these ideals radical?  The Ruling Class who finds that we do not agree with all of their “brilliant” ideas.  When we make them angry by standing up to them, they punish us, tax us, and declare that we are the enemy.  We saw this kind of behavior with the most recent government shutdown.  President Obama punished us by not only shutting down but blocking off all National Monuments.  When our Veteran’s protested, they brought out the police in riot gear and we heard the media calling our Veterans racist.   To bring out riot police against our own elderly Veterans to me is desperate.  They are trying to paint our protests as radical because they are afraid of us!

They are afraid of us and they should be!  The Ruling Class knows that their power is vulnerable and still in The People’s hands… for now.   America has once again become a Sleeping Giant.   But I feel the winds of change are blowing and an awakening is happening.  We recently saw the rise of the Tea Party, Bikers, Truckers, and our Veterans.  All of these groups are filled with average American people who have had enough!  We must continue to protest!  We must UNIFY our Voices against those who are chipping away at our freedoms.  All of us:  Black, White, Hispanic, rich, poor, Democrat, Republican, Independents… We must VOTE and not just with our ballots.  We must also vote with our money.  We must take a stand with corporations, special interest groups, and lobbyists who are paying off our Legislators.

We must remember who we are.  We must stand with the Constitution in our hands and declare to the Ruling Class that their time is up! Our Constitution belongs to all of us.  It protects all of us!  The Founding Fathers knew and understood oppression.  They fought for freedom with their words, with their money, and with their lives.  They gave us, not a perfect system, but the best system known to man to give ALL people the freedom for life, liberty, and to pursue happiness.  It is now our turn to fight for those ideals.  It is now our turn to take a stand in unity against this affront on our liberty.


By:  Maria Solorzano

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