The Un-presidential Temper Tantrum

October 8, 2013

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We are now facing day eight of a government shutdown.  As you listen to the news, all you hear is the President, the Democrats, and the lapdog news media repeating the same mantra:  “It’s the Republican’s fault!”  The president even has tried to dub this the Republican Shutdown.  As we Americans go about our day, living our lives many are confused as to what is happening in Washington.  I actually just had a friend today ask “Who is at fault?”

As a mother of four and a daycare provider for the last 15 years, I can tell you exactly what is happening.   Here is a great analogy that happened just last week.  I have a brother and sister who come to my daycare very early in the morning.  The brother is 6 and the sister is 4.  They both asked me at the same time if they could watch a movie.  I gave them permission as long as they pick together and they must compromise so both are satisfied with the choice.  Immediately the girl picked out her movie choice.  She held it in her hand and said “Maria?  Can I watch this one?”  I asked her what her brother thought of her choice.  Of course he didn’t want to watch her movie and said “I want this one,” holding up a different movie.  Well, she wasn’t happy with his pick.  So I sent them back to the movie cabinet with the instructions they are to work together and pick one they both want to watch.  After listening to over 10 minutes of arguing I intervened.  “What is going on?” I ask.

The boy showed me 10 movies he picked that she denied while she defiantly held on to her original choice, demanding she get her way.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Let’s look at the facts.  The President wants the whole budget passed including the portion with Obamacare.  The Republicans said they will fund all of government except Obamacare.  The Republicans have put forward bills to keep government running.  Bills like keeping our veterans taken care of or funding of the NIH (National Institute of Health).  The Democrats have refused all bills and the President has said he will NOT negotiate.

So who is being defiant?  Who is throwing a temper tantrum?  You guessed… the President.  As a matter of fact his actions have been unprecedented.  Let’s look at what he has done… what no other president in our history has done because they didn’t get their way.

1.  Shut down all national museums, including open air memorials like the WWll site which costs next to nothing to operate.

2. Shut down all national parks.

3. Told states to shut down state parks.

4. Shutting down all businesses and non-profits from Federal land even though they don’t receive government funds to operate.

5. Kicking out anyone who owns a home on Federal land even if the home is 100% owned by homeowner.

6. Barring people from highway look outs so they cannot even view national monuments like Mount Rushmore.

7. Government websites like AmberAlert shutdown but not the First Lady’s website ‘Let’s Move’.

I have provided links to all of these that I listed if you don’t want to take my word for it.  We are hearing stories like these from all over the country.   Even the Washington Times reported about the pettiness of the closures.  “It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service Ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Why would the Administration want to make this as painful as possible for the People?  What kind of a President does that?  He certainly isn’t acting very Presidential in my opinion.  He sounds like one of my preschoolers in my daycare.  “If you don’t play the game my way in the sandbox then nobody gets to play in the sandbox!”  That is just the kind of extremist behavior that We the People DON’T want as leadership.   Quite frankly the President is sounding more like a Dictator than an American President.  Very worrisome indeed.

Whether you are against Obamacare or not, we ALL should be worried about such spiteful, petty behavior.  Remember, this is not the first time we have seen this kind of behavior from the President.  Do you all remember the Sequestration?  Obama has closed the White House to the American people because he couldn’t get his way on that issue as well.

I no longer fall for the President’s words.  I watch his actions.  I watch while he takes things from the American people, even our troops, while he still enjoys his lavish vacations and golf games.

I say it’s time We the People take a stand against such heavy handed behavior from this President.  His behavior is very un-presidential, and quite frankly un-American.



Maria Solorzano

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