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December 28, 2013


Charles Dickens

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This Christmas season has passed.  I’m always sorry to see it go.  My wife does such a wonderful job of decorating the house and this creates a festive air about the home that starts just after Thanksgiving and lingers on through New Years day.  Here in Maine, the snow and the ice deepen the “ambiance” as we sit by the tree, next to the fire, watching our children enjoy Christmas morning, with snow-covered trees as the backdrop through the windowpanes.  Yes, I’m a little partial, but I love Christmas in Maine.

The customary reading of the Dickens’s classic “A Christmas Carol” brought a little more reflection than usual this year.  With images of a Dickens’s London fresh in my mind, I was shocked to read that many locals around the United States were instituting debtor’s prisons.  “My God,” I prayed, “How far have we fallen?”

We have become the very thing our founding fathers fought against.  We are a nation bound in fiscal truancy.  The hypocrisy of the left continues to blame businesses for all our problems by taxing them into bankruptcy or mediocrity.  Our government mounts debt upon debt to cover debt.  The divide between the rich and the poor widens as the middle class disappears.   Slowly but surely, we are becoming the London and Europe that Dickens portrayed.

Forty years of Democrat rule in Maine have left it buried in a perpetual fiscal winter, with businesses fleeing the State in search of warmth and acceptance.  Recently Maine has begun to rebound because of the tenacious leadership of Governor LePage.  Still, Democrats rail against his pro-business policies, decrying their effect on the poor. Democrats refuse to take ownership for their policies, which have done nothing but increase the ranks of the poor and pad the coffers of government.

Sound familiar?  Oh, if only Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi could have a ghostly visitation on some Christmas Eve.  I am sure that each has a bevy of “Marleys” in their history.

But we, the American public, are without excuse.  Never in the history of mankind has information been so readily available, yet still, we are so willing to let others frame truth for our decision-making.  With the New Year on the horizon, we must take stock and understand the value of our choice.  We are not yet bound to propaganda.  We can choose to do the hard work to discover truth rather than except the fallacy that is the media driven agenda.

So as New Year’s child makes its first cries of birth, let us resolve to be steadfast in our resistance to the progressive leftist agenda, which would have us meekly capitulate every pillar of truth that has built this great Nation.  Let us resolve to never let this Nation slide back into the grey haze of mediocrity that covers our neighbors across the pond.  Let us never be ashamed of this great shining city on a hill, for as God has blessed us, so we have been great.



Andy Torbett

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